Late update April 12th 2020


This contract is concluded between you and Cloon.me. Before using Cloon, please read the Cloon Terms of Use, the Privacy Notice and the conditions of use of Cloon.me, as well as other applicable rules, policies and terms published on the website, which are available at through the Cloon app or provided in conjunction with Cloon-Enabled Products (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). By using Cloon, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you do not accept the terms of this Agreement, then you will not be able to use Cloon.

For the purposes of these Cloon Terms of Use:

“Cloon” means Cloon voice services, which include Third Party Services, digital content, Software, the Cloon app, customer services and other related services.

“Cloon App” means the application or internet page that the Cloon team provides, which grants access to Cloon, Cloon settings, Cloon related content, and other information.

“Cloon-enabled product” means any product or application that allows access to Cloon, such as Cloon Mint, Cloon Anthracite & Cloon White Mirrors.

“Cloon Interactions” means all information related to your use of Cloon and Cloon-Enabled Products, including your voice and other input, the responses provided to you through Cloon, the information we receive at relationship with the Services provided by third parties and the auxiliary Products that you use, as well as the information and content that you provide or receive through the Cloon app.

“Auxiliary Product” means any product with which you can interact or operate using any Cloon-enabled Product, including Alexa devices and accessories and other smart home devices.

“Software” means all the software that we make available to you for use in connection with Cloon. Example, the views of the mirror.

“Services provided by third parties” means any service or application provided by a third party, which we make available to you for use at or through Cloon.

1. Cloon

1.1 Cloon. A Cloon-enabled Product and internet connection are required to access and use Cloon. Some Cloon services may not be available in all areas or on all Cloon-enabled Products and may require different subscriptions.

1.2 Use of the Software. You may use the Software only on or through a Cloon-enabled Product, and may only make personal and non-commercial use of Cloon. For additional terms that apply to the Software, please refer to the software terms contained in the Cloon.me Terms of Use and the Legal Provisions and Compliance section of the Help menu of your Cloon app.

1.3 Interactions with Cloon. You control Cloon with your voice and from the app. Cloon sends an audio data stream to the cloud when interacting with Cloon. Your interactions with Cloon, such as voice inputs, your to-do lists, events, are processed and stored in the cloud for the purpose of providing, customizing, and improving our services.

 2. Third Party Products.

2.1 Third party products. The enabled products and Auxiliary Products for Cloon include third-party products that the Cloon team does not manufacture or develop. Cloon may automatically update the firmware for certain Auxiliary Products on behalf of the applicable manufacturer. Cloon is not responsible for any such third party products or the firmware provided by the manufacturer.

3. General

3.1 Information. The Software will provide Cloon with information about your use of Cloon, your Interactions with Cloon and its Cloon-enabled Products, as well as ancillary products (such as device type, name, features, status, network connectivity and Location). This information can be stored on foreign servers. We will handle any information we receive in accordance with the Cloon.com Privacy Notice

3.2 Functionality; Content. We do not guarantee that Cloon or its functionality or content are accurate, reliable, always available or complete. Cloon is likely to find content that you find offensive, indecent, and objectionable. Cloon is not responsible for such content. Under no circumstances is the mission of the Project. In any case, it can be consulted at Cloon.me to find out your opinion and make changes in this regard.

3.3 Changes to Cloon; Modifications. We may change, suspend or discontinue Cloon, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. We may modify any of the terms of this Agreement at our sole discretion by posting the corrected terms on the Cloon.me website. If you continue to use Cloon after the effective date of the revised Agreement, you agree to the terms.

3.4 Geographical restrictions. Cloon operates in Spain. We may restrict access to Cloon from other sites.

3.5 Termination. Your rights under this Agreement will be automatically terminated, without notice, if you breach any of its terms. In the event of termination, Cloon can immediately revoke your access to Cloon without refund of any charges. Cloon’s lack of demand or insistence on strict compliance with this Agreement will not constitute any waiver of any of its rights.

3.6 Dispute / compulsory arbitration. Any controversy or claim derived from this Contract, or related to it, or to Cloon, is subject to the clause of exclusion of guarantees, limitation of liability and any other terms contained in the Terms of Use of Cloon.me. By using Cloon you agree to abide by those terms.

3.7 Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability. Without limiting the terms of the Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability set forth in the Terms of Use of Cloon.me, and unless the applicable law stipulates otherwise, in no case our total responsibility or that of our licensors or that of our providers of services regarding any claim arising from this Contract or your use of Cloon will exceed fifty euros (50 euros).

3.8 Contact information. In case you need help in relation to Cloon or with the solution of other problems, contact Customer Service via email: info@cloon.me or if it is a larger issue, Cloon will contact you.